About Me

I am Rita Görbedi, Cake Artist. I have been living here in Switzerland for 11 years, and I have had a long journey that has lead to me into the cake world.

Originally I studied economy, but I discovered that I just didn`t fit into the business world. I realised that in addition to loving the creativity of baking, it is very important for me to share something with the community. And what could be better than dessert? I have liked to bake since I was a child, and after many years of amateur baking, I received my Pastry Diplom in Budapest.

After beginning with pastry in Hungary, I began working professionally in London. I was filled with wonder seeing the enthusiasm and the hard work of my master pastry chefs, and knew that I could also build my future around my love of baking. Destiny brought me to Switzerland, and I am still very grateful for this. I worked in beautiful 4- and 5-star hotels in different parts of Switzerland.